In innovation, what needs to change? Everything...

These days, everyone's talking about innovation, which could be a great thing. Except that while they are addressing about it, they are often expressing about the wrong things, or defining innovation too narrowly, or are too focused on tools rather than outcomes.

Innovation always reverts to whatever Samsung or Apple did recently, or whatever cool new technology or product someone produced. We need to go beyond talking about innovation to doing more of it, and when we do it, we need to do it with purpose and intent.

Innovation and creativity are the lasting competitive advantage, for individuals, cultures, and businesses. The sooner we realize that and act on it, the better off we all are. This book is all about innovation journey from mindset to strong action in human life, while there are a lot of excellent providers of tools, methods and innovation capabilities. This book also demonstrated a lot of innovation experience and knowledge. Weaving that knowledge together and applying it to our existing processes and culture is what will turn an incremental, efficient organization into an achievement.


I warmly welcome the publish of Inno-Fiction book written by Alfred Boediman, Vice President of Samsung-Indonesia Company and Gloria Morgen, as one of the inspirative youths who has received the appreciation from the United Nations. After reading this book, I hope the readers especially the youths will get a better understanding on the gist of innovation in line with social and technology to meet the future challenge of the nation.

Joko Widodo
President of The Republic of Indonesia

I strongly support the publication of Inno-fiction book and hope it can expand our mind and enrich our knowledge. Hopefully it can be implemented to Bandung’s development. This book gives us the whole illustration on how innovation is born. The discussion in the book does not only talk about innovation theoretically but also talk about various examples of innovation in global market. Concept about how someone’s or company’s idea can have a great influence on innovation is beautifully explained in this book. Alfred Boediman and Gloria Morgen remarkably collaborate on this book which is highly recommended and beneficial for readers who have interest in innovation both individuals and business practitioners.

Ridwan Kamil
Mayor of Bandung City

On behalf of the youth exchanges and Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) team at the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, I would like to congratulate you on the publishing of "Inno-Fiction," By examining the topic of social innovation, your book touches upon all four pillars of YSEALI — education, civic engagement, sustainable development, and economic growth.

Emily Abraham
US Embassy Jakarta

No innovators trust other people's opinions without their own deep understanding on the problems and stretch the imagination of the approximated solutions. I hope this book can lead readers into a journey to see how innovation transforms mindset into action in human life!

Risman Adnan
Director, Samsung R&D Indonesia

This book describes the authors' ideas on how knowledge with existing processes and culture are harmonized to achieve human prosperity, including social entrepreneurship and social innovation. Their discourse on technology innovation and management of ideas as well as perspectives on the three models: incremental, transitional and disruptive are discussed with an unbridled and genuine passion

Dr. Annette Sachs Robertson
UNFPA Representative – Indonesia

Alfred Boediman

Dr. Alfred Boediman is an experienced senior management who has implemented changes to answer business and technology needs across some areas in the Software R&D and Telecommunication sectors. Alfred also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business-Asia Campus, he holds degrees from the University of Indonesia, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Chicago, majoring in econometrics and statistics. His postdoctoral research focuses on examining the neuro-statistical approach in derivatives financial exchange with a combination of multi layered market sentiment. Alfred’s interest and training in technology research for cognitive socio-behavior and machine learning area. He is also an advisor for Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship in the University of Chicago (Asia Campus); while enjoying organization activities like biking, archery, and cooking in his free times.

Some of his published works are Beyond Me: Unleashing Technopreneurship Potential (2016), Competition without Fungibility: Evidence from Alternative Market Structures for Derivatives (2007), Risk Management Effects of Multifactoriality on Technology Business in Southeast Asia (2005), among other financial mathematics and engineering journals.

Gloria Morgen

As Indonesia delegation in Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) 2017 in USA, an International Youth Peace Ambassador by Eubios Ethics Institute and International Peace and Development Ethics Centre (IPDCE) 2015 and Top 32 Inspirational Young Leaders in Indonesia by UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) 2015, Gloria Morgen is very interested in social entrepreneurship and social innovation issue.

Gloria has won various social entrepreneurship competitions, became a delegation at various conferences, gained national and international awards, received an official invitation to the Indonesian State Palace, delivered a speech at The National Youth Congress 2016 in the People’s Consultative Assembly-Indonesia (MPR-RI) and received an official invitation from Datuk Stella Chin as well as a Billionaire to visit her company in Malaysia in 2016.

She has published three books, “Untold Stories of College Life” (2015), “Unstoppable Hopes” (2016), and “#UncoverExtrovertIntrovert” (2017). Besides writing, she also active as a public speaker in national and international level to share about social entrepreneurship. What she has done, has published in a lot of media in Indonesia.

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